A Classical Music Festival with Momentum

The Second Stolberg Classical Music Festival...


Museum Zinkhütter Hof

July 21st-23rd, 2017



Concerts 2016:


Opening Night:

Festival Premiere

Stolberg Zinkhütter Hof

Entry 18:30

Friday evening—July 22nd, 2016


Concert 1

 Angela and Patricia Buzari

 Inauguration: Hildegard Nießen, Festival Sponsor and former deputy mayor of Stolberg, honorary representative of the city of Stolberg

 The Festival will begin with a collaborative concert by sisters Angela (Soprano) and Patricia (Piano). A selection of works by Mozart, Schubert, Brahms and others awaits the audience. There will be several soprano arias, as well as pieces for solo piano. From their childhoods, music has bound the sisters, both of whom are delighted to share their passion with others in Stolberg, their city of birth.

Saturday Afternoon—July 23rd, 2016 Entry 4:30


Concert 2

Schubertiade with up-and-coming pianist Marie Rosa Günter

Since its inception a central goal of  the Festial has been to support and promote high-quality junior musicians. Marie Rosa Günter is among the most talented and commited pracitioners of her craft, and has been the recipient of numerous and widely-renowned prizes. She will take the audience on a musical journey through Schubert’s composition. Her Debut-CD: „Goldberg Variations“ is now available for purchase.

Saturday Evening—July 23rd 2016 Entry 7:30 PM


Concert 3 


Hyun Jung Kim Schweiker, Piano

Hans Christian Schweiker, Violoncello

Ludwig van Beethoven, Seven Variations on „Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen“ (1770-1827) from Mozart’s „The Magic Flute“  for piano and violoncello, Kinsky-Halm WoO 46

Robert Schumann „Fantasiestücke für Klavier und Violoncello op. 73“


-Zart und mit Ausdruck

-Lebhaft, leicht

-Rasch und mit Feuer

Astor Piazolla „Le grand Tango per violoncello e pianoforte“ (1921-1992)

Johannes Brahms „Sonate für Klavier und Violoncello D-Dur“ (1833-1897)

(Transcription of the Sonata for Piano and Violin G-major, op. 78)

-Vivage ma non troppo


-Allegro molto moderato

The DUO CON AURA of Hyun-Jun Kim-Schweiker (Piano) and Hans-Christian Schweiker (Violoncello) has been delighting audiences across Europe for several years. The Duo  has been influenced deeply by the Amadeus-Quartet, with whom they have worked and  performed. Their interpretations are musically penetrating, and their stage presence immensely powerful. A colorful style of playing, intelligent phrasing and intense emotion are the hallmarks of their music. Concerts of the Duo are intimate in atmosphere, and allow audience members a closeness to both the music and the musicians—in part through the commentary with which Hans-Christian Schweiker intersperses the program: the usual distance between musicians and composers on the one hand, and the audience on the other, is bridged. Schweiker’s congenial and informal tone reveals personal aspects of the composers,  and places their works in a biographical context. The „first Genre“ is thus personalized.

The perfect symbiosis of these two musicians, both nominated for the „International Classical Music Award 2015,“ gives rise to unforgettable concerts ending in thunderous applause and standing ovations.

Sunday Morning—July 24th, 2016 Entry: 10:30 AM


Concert 4

Marie Rosa Günter and Patricia Buzari, Piano Duo

(For children up to 14 years of age, free entry)

After a period of intense study at the HMTMH Hannover—one of the most famous conservatories in the world—the German-Iranian pianist, Patricia Buzari, a Stolberg native, took the initiative to establish the Stolberg Classical Music Festival.

Already as teenagers, Günter and Buzari played together. During today’s matinee, these young artists will be playing not just one, but three piano concertos. With works by Bach, Beethoven and Grieg, the audience will be taken on a tour of musical history and epochs, and enjoy a glimpse into the world of music that is often denied to listeners.

Sunday Afternoon—July 24th, 2016 Entry 5:30 PM


Concert 5 

Alexander-Sergei Ramírez, Classical Guitar

Viva La Guitarra!!! Final Concert

Alexander-Sergei Ramirez plays classical guitar music from Spain and Latin America. The world-renowned classical guitarist Alexander-Sergei Ramírez as a guest in Stolberg!

Ramírez will be presenting highlights of Spanish and South American guitar music with selections by Isaac Albéniz, Francisco Tárrega and Augustin Barrios-Mangoré, as well as works by lesser-known composers, such as the recently rediscovered Peruvian Pedro Ximénez-Tirado (1780-1856) (considered the “Rossini of Latin America”). The audience will enjoy an evening at times melancholy, at times festive, with the “Wizard of classical Guitar.”

Born in Lima, Perú, into a family of artists, Alexander-Sergei Ramírez has performed worldwide at festivals such as the Salzburg Festival, the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, the Rheingau Music Festival, the Chamber Music Festival “Spannungen” at the Heimbach Hydroelectric Plant, the Istanbul Music Festival, and “Schubertiade” in Roskilde. His CDs have appeared worldwide with the labels Denon and Deutsche Grammophon, and have been reviewed enthusiastically in the international press. A professor at the Robert-Schumann conservatory in Düsseldorf, Ramirez is a regular guest at international guitar festivals, gives master classes worldwide, and serves as a judge at many international guitar competitions.